Selected asset and investment management references

References at a glance

OBI store and ALDI project package in Forst

Retail property in a good location

  • Anchor tenant: OBI
  • Risk: Core
  • Buyer: project developer, Thuringia
  • Seller: Sunshine Real Estate II GmbH, Heinsberg

Retail property in Linden

"Kuhn Center" in perfect trading location

  • Anchor tenant: Kaufland
  • Risk: Core+
  • Buyer: Company, Hesse
  • Seller: Real estate company, Linden

“Lindenquartier” in Peine (Hannover)

New building of the "Lindenquartier" with EDEKA

  • Anchor tenant: EDEKA
  • Risk: Core
  • Buyer: Captiva and Universal-Investment
  • Seller: THI Holding

Supermarket in Heinsberg

New project for a supermarket

  • Tenant: Netto Marken-Discount Stiftung & Co. KG
  • Risk: Opportunistic
  • Buyer: Dahlke Family Holding, Heinsberg
  • Seller: company, Augsburg

A.T.U. car-service center in Heinsberg & Erkelenz

Car-service center in good trading locations

  • Tenant: A.T.U. Auto-Teile-Unger Handels GmbH & Co. KG
  • Risk: Core
  • Buyer: Family Office, Germany
  • Seller: Family Office, Netherlands

Discounter in Hattorf

Supermarket in a good trading location

  • Anchor tenant: Penny
  • Risk: Value Add
  • Buyer: Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG, Potsdam
  • Seller: Company, Wiesbaden

Retail park in Goslar

Retail property in a good location

  • Anchor tenant: ALDI Nord
  • Risk: Core+
  • Buyer: Investor, Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Seller: Real estate company, Münster

Shopping center in Linz

Retail property with huge development potential

  • Anchor tenant: ALDI Süd
  • Risk: Value Add
  • Buyer: INTERRA Immobilien AG
  • Seller: TLG Immobilien AG

Trading center in Strausberg (Berlin)

Shopping center in perfect trading area

  • Anchor tenant: Edeka
  • Risk: Core+
  • Buyer: Interra Immobilien AG
  • Seller: TLG Immobilien AG
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